Out of the frying pan and into the fire


Yup, the above nails how the academic hiring process goes.  The article is focused on humanities hires but is pretty much identical to the process I went through as a biologist (I cracked up when they referred to us as the ‘anti-social sciences’).

Back in the day, 10-15 years ago, over the course of four years, when I was looking for a job, I put out over 100 applications to universities all over the country, got 8 interviews, and two job offers (both in Florida!).

Interviewing for any job is hard work, but I think it’s extra-special in academia.


One thought on “Out of the frying pan and into the fire

  1. LOL! I was the Social Science/Humanities Chair at a community college in Indiana. My dean was from the hard sciences. The president of the system had an MBA and publicly stated his disdain for the humanities. I do, however, have friends in the hard sciences. One even has an interesting combination of anatomy and physiology combined with art (she was an anatomical artist). I suppose that the author of the article watches too much “Bones” on TV where the psychologist has his field denigrated consistently by those in the hard sciences.
    Folks assume that because I had a job in academics I would be a “shoe-in”; NOT!

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