If you’re stuck, form a scary support group based on a silly cult movie.

OK, maybe this approach would not work for EVERYTHING, but it definitely helps me with writing.

Writing is part of my job.  I write to apply for funds to support my research.  I write up the results of my research once the work has been done.  I write curricula.  I write presentations.  This is rough, because my first language is Awkward Silence.  My second language, American English, is something I navigate at a roughly Neanderthal level:  Words.  Are.  Tools.  I’d much rather be twisting wrenches in lab, playing in the woods, or enjoying primitive surround sound (bagpipes).

Getting this cavewoman to write is about as easy as subduing a piqued mastodon.

I find ‘forming a scary support group’ to work quite well in this context.  I needed to move some mountains on a manuscript today, so I invited my buddy Amy over, because she wanted to make some headway on some writing of her own.  Now, this could just have easily degenerated into Coffee Talk With Amy, because she is one seriously cool dudette.  To prevent this, we formed a group:

The Write Club.

The first rule of The Write Club is nobody talks at Write Club.

The second rule of The Write Club is NOBODY TALKS AT WRITE CLUB.

(sound familiar?)

Shown below is Amy after a two hour vow of silence.  We both made major headway.  Write Club will be meeting  again soon.



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